The Harpley Foundation              
Grant Guidelines

The next grant cycle is May 2017, applications are due May 7th.


Who do we fund?

We look to support local grassroot 501(c)3 nonprofits in the greater Phoenix, AZ and Reading, Concord/Carlisle, MA areas with an annual budget of under one million dollars who are in need.

We do not fund individuals; religious, political, largely government funded or organizations with substantial endowments, or organizations who do not demonstrate need.

What is the amount of an average grant?

Past grants have ranged from $200 to $5,000.

Awards depend on many factors including the number of applications, our available funds, number of people served, the track record of the requesting organization and final evaluation by the Board and our financial adviser.

What are our areas of interest?

We support youth and adult activities in education and the arts, community service, small scale recreational and agriculture programs, and animal rescue and therapy programs.

We do not fund capital campaigns.

We have an interest in supporting family events and community building events.
We also encourage collaboration between organizations to co-apply.

What documents are required?

Once approved to submit a grant* by a trustee; a complete application must include the following paper copies:

1. Proof of 501(c)3 tax exempt status on IRS letterhead.

2. A copy of your latest Form 990PF or PC.

3. A list of your organizations trustees, and/or Board of Directors.

4. The budget for your organization and for specific project.

5. Most recent audit if applicable.

6. Harpley Foundation Grant Application.

7. Any supporting documents, DVD's, press articles as desired.

8. All recipients are asked to complete a brief  Final Report  upon completion of project.

* Please do not send unsolicited applications.

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